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TAA General Rules


MEMBERSHIP  Angling rights at the reservoir are let exclusively by   Severn Trent Water Limited to Trimpley Anglers Association Limited.  Non-transferable permits are available to Association members only and cover the use of one rod only.  Permits will be issued for the appropriate classes up to such maximum number as may be determined by the Association.  All new applications shall be determined on a first- come first-served basis, no waiting list shall be operated.

    1. TAA reserves the right to refuse a permit to any person without assigning any reason for so doing and in particular to any person who has previously infringed any of the rules.
    2. It is a condition of membership of the Association that all persons, whether existing members or new members, shall read, sign and date the declaration that is printed in the permit application form before sending the completed form to the permit officer.
      Members’ classes and their seasons are in the appendix to these rules.

(a) Members may be accompanied by angler guests on payment of an additional charge. Trout members (AB, A and B) may have two trout angling guests in a day.  The trout guest bag limits are the same as in Rule 6(g).  Coarse members may have not more than 6 guests in a day.
(b) Guests must comply with these rules and members who introduce them must ensure that they do so.

(i) Guest permits may be obtained in two ways.  The first is directly from the membership officer.  The second is by self-service at the fishing lodge, by completing the permit and handing to the guest; completing the details on the envelope provided, placing a cheque or cash for the permit charge in the envelope and placing it in the permit box.

(ii) Members may purchase for their own use Guest Permits in any class within the limits stated above. (For instance, an A class member can buy a guest ticket for his/her own use in class B). When using a guest permit a member will be classed as a guest and guest permit rules will apply.  Such a member may be accompanied by a guest or guests as in (a) above.

    The reservoir will be open.

    1. For fly fishing only from 1st. March to 15th. June inclusive;
    2. As a mixed fishery from 16th. June (incl) to 30th. September, (incl) when coarse fish or trout may be caught by any permitted means.
    3. As a coarse fishery from 1st. October (incl) to 27 February (incl) in the following year.
      NOTE: Opening and closing days will be decided prior to the start of each season and will be stated on the annual Permit Application Form.
    All persons intending to fish must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence and a TAA Ltd.permit. Any person not able to produce these two documents on site must cease angling. The charges for the various classes of permits shall be as determined from time to time by the Association and are shown on the Permit Application form.
    1. Fishing from the 1st, March (incl) to 15th. June (incl) shall be with fly only; spinning, trolling, trailing and use of bubble floats and bait and ground bait are strictly prohibited. Underwater static use of booby flies and other buoyant flies is prohibited.
    2. During the period from 16th. June to 27th February in the following year fishing may be by any legal means.
    3. Ground baiting is strictly prohibited.  Loose feeding, cage feeders and open-ended feeders are permitted.
    4. The use of any net other than a landing net or keep net is strictly prohibited.  Keep nets must conform to EA Byelaws
    5. Keep nets must be submerged fully. Fish are not to be thrown into keep nets. It is recommended that in periods of low water, pleasure anglers do not use keep nets.
    6. No bream may be retained in keep nets unless in authorised contests.
    7. Catch-and-keep and/or catch-and-release angling is permitted subject to:
      On any one day, fishing must cease when 3 trout are killed or 5 trout are released, whichever is first. No more than 5 fish can be landed in any one day. Any unused part of a limit cannot be carried forward. The daily limits do not apply for the period 1st June to 15th June  (any fish killed during this 15 day period are included in the annual permit limit).
    8. Barbed hooks may be used for catch-and-keep angling only.
      Barbless or de-barbed hooks must be used for catch-and-release and for mixed catch-and-keep and catch-and-release angling.
    9. Trout to be killed must be dispatched with all reasonable speed. If not, they should be handled with care and returned to the water without delay.
    10. All fish shall be counted. The number and total weight kept is to be entered on the return sheet in the fishing lodge. A note should be made of any fish of 3lb or over.  The total number of all trout released is also to be entered.  It is important for the good management of the fishery that the above information is recorded.  The sheet MUST be completed even if it is a nil return.
    11. Annual trout kill limits are as follows: AB70, A50, B20.
    12. Any trout killed during the season (1st March to 30th September) above the relevant permit limit are chargeable at £2 per fish which will billed to the permit holder in October or November (after all returns have been collated). For example, an ‘A’ permit holder killing 60 fish during the season would be charged an additional £20 being 10 fish at £2 each.
    13. For the period 1st June to 15th June (both dates inclusive), daily kill limits are removed. Any fish killed during this period count towards the annual permit limit (eg 70 fish for permit AB).


    1. Trout caught may be kept or released within the terms of Rule 6. Trout caught on a barbed hook may be released except that deeply hooked or badly bleeding trout must be killed.  If a trout is caught on a barbless or de-barbed hook it may be released.
    2. Trout, either alive or dead, must not be kept in a keep net.
    3.  All diseased or injured fish shall be disposed of in the bin provided.
    4. Trout kept by coarse anglers are chargeable at £2 per fish, the cash should be placed in an envelope including the anglers name/permit number and placed in the permit box (it will be cross checked to the returns/booking in sheet).
  4. BOATS:  Use of the landing stage and TAA Ltd. boats has been suspended.
    Severn Trent forbid the use of any other boats including members’ boats.
  5. 8. Before fishing all anglers MUST report their time of arrival on the sheet provided in the fishing lodge and their time of departure when leaving.  Anglers needing to answer ‘a call of nature’ must use the toilets and not the land around the reservoir.  Fish must not be washed or gutted in the toilets. Anglers must not be on the car parks more than half-an-hour before fishing opens and not more than 1 hour after fishing closes.

 No vehicles may be parked on the access roads or the grasses.

  1.  Every angler must, on request by an association member, an association bailiff/water keeper or an Environment Agency official, produce his/her TAA Ltd. Permit and EA rod licence and allow his/her catch and fishing tackle to be inspected.
  2. A member may be accompanied by one person (non-fishing) and shall be responsible for ensuring that such person shall observe the Rules.  No dogs or other animals may be brought onto Severn Trent Water Ltd. property, no fires or barbeques shall be lit and there shall be no pitching of tents or camping.
  3. Anglers may use only the banks of the reservoir and the footpath, except that fishing is not permitted from the bank between the draw-off tower and the gate in the fence adjacent to the rear of the staff houses.  Access to the in-let and draw-off towers and approaches thereto is not permitted. Wading or standing on the bank below the stone pitching are not allowed.
    Association members and guests must, if requested by authorised employees of Severn Trent Water Ltd., move from their fishing positions.
  4. When sailing is taking place, sailing rights take precedence over fishing rights; anglers must refrain from interfering with the sailing.
  5. Severn Trent Water Ltd. reserves the right to close the fishery at any time for the whole or any part of the season.  In this event, compensation will be sought by the association.
  6. The disabled anglers’ fishing platform is for the SOLE USE of permanently or temporarily disabled anglers.  Members of, or over 80 years of age count as disabled.  During the trout fishing season able-bodied members may not fish from the two pegs immediately adjacent to the left and right of the disabled anglers’ platform as these pegs are for the sole use of disabled anglers.  The adjacent six vehicles parking space is to be used only by anglers using the disabled anglers’ fishing platform except with special permission.
    These facilities are not to be used by able-bodied anglers at any time.
  7. All members and their guests taking part in angling provided by TAA Ltd.do so entirely at their own risk.  No liability will be  accepted by Severn Trent Water Ltd. or TAA Ltd., or any member thereof, for any injury including fatal injury, illness damage or loss whatsoever directly or indirectly occasioned to person or property whether due to negligence or otherwise.  Persons leaving any properties in the fishing lodge do so at their own risk.  Anglers under 17 years of age must be accompanied at all times by a senior member who will be responsible for the safety, well-being and behaviour of the junior person.
  8. No persons shall commit any nuisance or any act tending to cause pollution of the Severn Trent Waters or disturb the stone pitching around the reservoir slopes.  No litter, paper or discarded matter shall be left on Severn Trent land or be thrown into the waters.
  9. Any member who wishes to make any suggestion that may improve the running of the association, or who wishes to make a complaint referring to the present affairs of the association, must submit these matters in writing signed together with his/her permit number to the Secretary, who will the bring the matter to the committee, who will decide on the course of action to be taken.
  10. KEEP NETS: No rocks or weights may be placed inside keep nets.  They may be attached to the outside of nets.
    Bream are not to be retained in keepnets unless in matches.
    No more than 25 Bream and no more than 50lb weight of all fish may be kept in any one keep net; an excess may be kept in extra keep nets.
  11. The executive committee is limited to 12 members They are entitled  to a 50% discount on subscriptions in year 4 after 3 years of continuous service, the Treasurer and Secretary whom after 3 years continuous service, are entitled to 100% discount on subscriptions in year 4.The discounts will continue to apply in subsequent years whilst a committee member is actively involved in the running of the Association.
  12. Up to 3 bailiffs/water keepers are entitled to a 50% discount in subscriptions.
  13. Low water levels are occasionally encountered in the reservoir meaning that fishing is not reasonably possible when the level falls below the first concrete slab. When fishing is not possible for water level or other reasons, the on site bailiff will place a red flag outside the hut. Members are requested to visit the Association’s Facebook site for updates or contact Adrian Partridge direct on 07984 516783 – particularly those whom are required to travel significant distance.

These Rules and Regulations are, where appropriate, based on terms negotiated with Severn Trent Water Ltd., which reserves the right to exclusive use of the reservoir on two unspecified days per annum.  They are subject to review by the association at any time.  
NOTE: Please leave no litter. Discarded hooks, lines or bottles can cause great suffering to sheep, wild animals and birds.

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